1974 model year (chrome bumper), UK

Earth wiring

Colour Fuse Components
black none earth
blue none main lighting switch
blue/light-green green wiper switch
wiper motor 'fast' speed
blue/red none dipswitch
headlamp dipped beams
blue/white none or
purple (flasher)
headlamp flasher switch
'main beam' warning light
headlamp main beams
brown 1 none solenoid
ignition switch
main lighting switch
alternator (2)
starter relay
hazards in-line fuse
brown 2 hazards in-line hazards in-line fuse
hazard flasher
brown/light-green green wiper manual switch
wiper motor park switch
brown/yellow none alternator
ignition warning light
green 1 green fusebox
voltage stabiliser
tachometer 12v
brake light switch
reverse light switch
green 2 green hazards switch
indicator flasher
green/black green fuel gauge
fuel tank sender
green/brown green reverse lights switch
reverse lights
green/pink accessories in-line fuse accessories in-line fuse
wiper switch
wiper motor
heater fan switch
green/purple green brake light switch
brake lights
green/red green indicator-signal switch
left-side flashers
left-side flasher repeater
green/white green indicator-signal switch
right-side flashers
right-side flasher repeater
green/yellow green heater fan switch
heater fan
light-green/brown 1 green indicator flasher
indicator switch
light-green/brown 1 green hazards flasher
hazards switch
light-green/green green voltage stabiliser
fuel gauge
purple purple fusebox
boot/loadspace light
headlamp flasher
courtesy light
cigar lighter
purple/black purple horn switch
purple/white 1 purple door switches
courtesy light
purple/white 2 purple boot/hatch switch
boot/loadspace light
red red fusebox
rear/parking lights (one fuse per side)
red/brown HRW in-line HRW switch
HRW warning lamp
red/green none main lighting switch
panel lights dimmer
red/light-green green wiper switch
wiper motor 'normal' speed
red/white none panel lights dimmer
panel lights
white none ignition switch
ignition warning light
coil +ve
fuel pump
overdrive manual switch
white/black 1 none coil -ve
tachometer (signal)
white/black 2 green HRW switch
white/brown none starter relay
starter solenoid
white/green none ignition switch
accessories in-line fuse
white/red none ignition switch
starter relay
yellow none overdrive manual switch
overdrive gearbox switch (part-way)
yellow/purple none overdrive gearbox switch
overdrive solenoid
yellow/red none overdrive manual switch
overdrive gearbox switch (part-way)

Earth wiring:

All earths wired to a body bolt or via bullet connectors are circled in red, plus the engine earth not shown. There is also a sealed junction circled in blue, this rarely gives problems. The remainder are picked up from the physical mounting of the component. Note the dual gauge is shown with a local earth instead of a wired earth as for the other instruments, this is probably an error: