VIP tour of Avro Heritage Museum

XM603, the only complete anti-flash white Vulcan anywhere in the world - not easy to photograph against a grey day!

Many replicas and models from the earliest days of Avro ...

... with smaller items and many photos all round three walls in historical sequence. This shows three of the large cockpit sections with a full width mural of the Lancaster factory on the back wall.

Lancaster pilot's panel. Single control, unlike the BBMF aircraft which was made dual control for training pilots.

Scale model of the 'bouncing bomb' gear in the Lancaster

The lovingly crafted replica cockpit section of S Sugar. Built by Martin Willougby as a tribute to his father at a cost said to be 250,000. Wood ribs covered in aluminium, but all the equipment inside is genuine. This is 'mobile' and is occasionally taken to schools and the like for educational purposes. It is the only Lancaster cockpit section anywhere that is regularly open for tours.

The original completed no less than 137 bombing missions, whereas another built at the same time was lost on its first mission. The famous quote on the side puzzled one Ukranian visitor, who couldn't understand why it was there despite being told repeatedly that it was 'British humour'. Her final question was 'Would Goering have seen it?'.

Engineers panel

Flight deck

Bomb aimer's position

Observation dome looking forwards

A flying model (minus engines here) of the BBMF's 'City of Lincoln'. Lettered KM-B as PA474 originally was, now KC-A.

Vulcan XM602 nose-section pilot's seat, with yours truly lucky enough to be positioned there, my fourth Vulcan cockpit.

Co-pilot's position ...

... and his side controls.

Nav/radar position, complete with one of our number who happened to be a Nav/Radar in the 60s. Guide Colin lower left, who had been a co-pilot

Central and AEO positions

Canberra cockpit section ...

... pilots area ...

... and two more occupants behind!