Ignition - Ballast Wiring

The physical arrangement of the ballast wiring, from a 1980 UK model:

The pink/white resistance wire, measuring about 1.4 ohms, is in the centre.

There is a white/light-green tail on the left that goes to the coil positive and the starter solenoid bypass terminal.

On the right there are two tails - one is a white which comes from the ignition switch and the ignition relay operate terminal, the other is a white/brown that goes to the in-line fuse for the tach, indicators, heater fan and heated rear window on GTs.

This from a UK 1975 has much thicker resistance wire in its own braided sheath, the crimped (the resistance wire cannot be soldered) connection pictured had parted inside the wrapping which meant the engine would start but cut-out again as soon as the key was released: (Colin Grimsley)