Grille alignment to the bonnet, and to the wings

Pete Curtis - recessed grille changed to chrome slatted, no bonnet trim strip:

Two more with the same mod and the same poor alignment, this one with the trim strip: (This and the remaining photos from MG Experience)

This without:

The owner of this car (alloy bonnet) then went to a lot of trouble to cut slots in the leading edge:

To increase the curvature and rivet a reinforcing strip behind the flange to correct the problem:

Grille/wing alignment: Hole for inner wing to outer wing bolt cut back into a slot (lower arrow) on the offside, so the lower part of the outer wing can be pushed back to align with the grille like the nearside. The leading edge of the inner wing has been dressed back to lie against the outer wing (upper arrow). Compare with the nearside:

The offside wing is a still a bit forwards of the bonnet and the grille, but at least the grille is recessed by the same amount top to bottom both sides. Before this the lower part of the grille on the offside was recessed by a good inch: