Battery Post in Engine Compartment

Installed to Bee:

And Vee:

The cap is a good fit over the cable and the nuts on the post but there are two problems - one is that it leaves a washer exposed which is live:

And the other is that the stud is too long for my specific needs which makes it difficult to get the cap over it:

With the stud shortened the cap is much easier to fit:

I did wonder if that would then allow the cap to be pushed over the washer onto the base of the stud, but it's not quite big enough. So I have ordered some 1" red heat-shrink to fit over that part of the base (which is 0.96" dia), the washer, and the lower nut.

As I could only get a 1M length, the remaining 95cm is awaiting further opportunities ...

I also put split corrugated sheathing round the lower part of the cable where it passes between the engine and the chassis rail: