June 1999 - BOC Classic Hill Climb

A superb setting. Oh, and some 'ordinary' classics

The Bugatti paddock and display area

The Type 40 was the featured model at this years meeting. This model was known as the 'Morris Oxford' of Bugatti over 800 were built between 1926 and 1931.

The ultimate Bugatti GP car - the Type 59, made 1934-36. 8 cyl. in-line, 2 valves/cyl., 2 over-head cams. Engine size: 3257cc. Carburetion: 2 downdraught Zenith. Supercharger. Power: 240hp @ 6000 rpm. This particular car is brand-new a 1:1 replica (i.e. not a kit car, or a look alike, but an exact copy throughout), and first competed on the hill in 1998.