Handbrake Cabin Lever


Two cabin levers posted by Colin Parkinson on the MG Enthusiasts forum. The top one is the 'short' lever where the tube bends right at the end of the grip, whereas the 'long' lever has about an inch of additional tube between the grip and the bend:

Dave O'Neil's 'short' lever and Mk1 tunnel in the same thread, an overall length of about 325mm or 12.8":

'Short' on a 64 (Mk1) and 'long' on a 68 (Mk2), changing at chassis number 115596 in March 67: (Clausager)

A 64 (Mk1) and a 68 (Mk2) both pointing pretty-well straight forward: (Clausager)

A 73 cranked to the right to clear the tunnel console, changing at chassis number 258001 for the 1972 model year, albeit on an LHD: (Clausager)

Bee (73) and Vee (75) both cranked to the right, albeit Vee's more noticeable:

Bee's CB 'long' chrome lever measuring about 13.75":

Vee's RB 'long' lever painted black instead of chrome-plated. It appears the grip is longer covering what was the chrome trim ring just under the button of Bee's. Maybe the grip has slid up the tube a bit, but it doesn't interfere with the button:


An old cable showing the stud that goes through a reinforced section of the tunnel to secure the outer (left), and the threaded adjuster rod:

The handbrake assembly has a lever (BHH1469) in the tunnel that is similar to the compensation lever on the diff casing, but the two halves are welded together: (Brown & Gammons)

Trunnion AHH5322 (left) and brass adjuster nut ACH5104: (Motaclan/Leacy)

The trunnion (26) fits in the two holes of the handbrake lever (37) (it can fall out when removing or refitting the cable and roll some distance!), the threaded section of the cable fitted with a 1/4" x 3/4" washer (28), an expanded spring (24) and another washer (27) is passed through the fitted trunnion, and finally the adjuster nut (25) is screwed on: (Brown & Gammons)