Alternator with internal regulator (16/17/18ACR)

North America with Ignition Relay (1977-80)

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Note 1: There are two browns from the alternator to the solenoid, some schematics showing them as two thick output wires i.e. using a '' alternator, and some showing one of them being standard gauge i.e. using a '' alternator.

Note 2: Some schematics show two thick browns up from the solenoid to a white connector block by the fusebox (shown below, arrowed), to increase current carrying capacity. The way this is drawn in some factory diagrams indicates that the two browns are separated in this connector, unlike a 4-way bullet connector, and probably incorrect as others show the two brown circuits as linked in the connector which makes more sense. One output feeds the fusebox and ignition relay, the other feeding the lighting and ignition switches. A third brown from the solenoid feeds the starter relay and hazard flasher fuse.