Clutch Linkage Wear

When I did Bee's clutch pedal I only had a very basic digital camera and the pictures I took were poor. In January 2021 Steve Livesley had the same problem and his pictures show the problem much better than mine did so I show his here. The clutch pedal hole very ovalled, as was Bee's master cylinder push-rod but not Steve's - maybe a replacement master at some point:

Steve's clevis pin as badly worn as Bee's was:

But looking at Steve's pedal I realised that all the wear is to the right, which means originally the hole would have been considerably off-centre, whereas I remember Bee's (with the wear removed) and two spare unworn pedals were central. This is one of the unworn spares showing that, but it also shows that the left-hand side of the hole is about the same distance from the left-hand edge of the pedal in both cases, so Steve's pedal must be much wider than mine at that point. Not only that, but this hole is nearer the top than Steve's is, which if the pedals have the same distance from the pivot to the top means that Steve's will have less leverage and hence less 'throw' than mine: