Clocks - after-market

Vee's clock, added by a PO

For Bee a watch insert and holder ...

... slots into the her lighter socket. The hands are reflective and being low down often one or another hand was reflecting something dark which meant I couldn't see the hands. So I hit on the idea of a thin coat of Snopake on each hand, which meant I could see them clearly. However the flaw in that argument was that having done the second hand I couldn't tell that from the minute hand until it moved at one second intervals! So cleaned the Snopake off the second hand and it's unambiguous now.

For interest - a classic clock used by Rootes Group and possibly Rover, sent to me by Herb Adler in Oz:

A commentary on this clock by the late Graham Robinson, Hillman Owners Club of Australia, a can be found here.