GT C-post Liners

Damage on both sides where the nuts on the backs of the tailgate stays had rubbed against them. Annoying, as just a little pressure on the backs of the hinge points eased the nuts clear of the covers, but damage already done.

Samples, both pale, this is a pretty good match on my screen.

New liners laid over old, subtle differences in size and shape.

Old liner clips pointing all in the same direction. On the new liners they needed to be pointing in various directions, and the upper three were barely clipped onto the board in order to line up with the body panel holes.

Masking tape wrapped round the stay bracket to protect the new liner while it was repeatedly fitted and removed for fine tuning of the clips etc.

Old liner on the left showing it was well proud of the flange, and probably why it was being caught by the stay nuts. New liner on the right completely concealed by the opening (yes, it is installed!)

The finished result - a big improvement, and not showing-up the rest of the trim too badly.

Showing the (probably) PO trim-screw which pushes the C-post trim out of the way of the tail-gate strut. However the original purpose may just have been to hold the trim in place, given the fit at the top. Also showing the foam block that is pushed up behind the inner C-post panel, in that orientation, i.e. flat face aligned with the bottom of the panel - which takes quite a bit of pushing to get it in. (Tom Brearley)