Crash Pad and Cockpit Rail

Front Crash Pad   Rear Cockpit Rail

Front Crash Pad:

Eight holes across the dash-top flange for the crash pad studs: (Richard Mills)

Rear Cockpit Rail:

The pegs indicate the location of the studs as an aid to removal - one in the centre and four radiating out from there, accessed below and behind the cockpit rail from inside the cockpit. Should be a 2BA nut, spring and plain washer on each stud. Maybe a screw through an end-plate in the cockpit rail moulding, behind the tab on top of the trim panel aft of the door, needing removal of the hood frame and/or tonneau socket and trim panel.

With the rail off the holes are obvious, one on the far corner, one more to the left out of picture, and two to the right out of picture. (Dave Farrar)

Studs prior to fitting, with convenient cut-outs ... (Dave Farrar)

... and fitted. (Dave Farrar)

One of the end-plates (arrowed) ... (Dave Farrar)

... which goes behind the tab on the trim panel, and the tonneau socket (where fitted). There is a screw for the end-plate into the body, but it isn't really needed (and maybe not even the end-plates) as the hood frame and/or tonneau socket and trim panel holds everything in place.