Door Seals and Cards

Gary Roberts' passenger door and seal. It's clear that the lower front corner of the door has a much more gradual curve than where the A-post joins the sill leaving a very significant gap. That could be filled relatively easily while body work is ongoing, but the gap extends all the way up which may cause problems with sealing the quarter-light to the screen pillar:

Vee's passenger door with similar gap just at the lower front corner, but the curve at the bottom of the A-post and the trim panel is more gentle, and the door touches the seal further up. Quite possibly original door cards as they had signs of age when she came to me 25 years ago, short of the seal and showing paint all the way up:

Large gap between Bee's driver's door and seal at the lower front corner, this time all the way up showing the hinge. But the door card (replaced 30 years ago) is nearly at the front edge of the door, so if the door were touching the seal there would be no paint showing:

If Gary's door cards are the same shape as mine in that area then without a fillet the edge won't follow the curve of the seal but be overlapping it.

Rear edges, Bee on the left Vee on the right, the seals touching the door cards: