Images from Motaclan/Leacy except where stated.

Roadster hood header rail

Speedo - could be black, red or green. However on my 73 and 75 the knob points downwards behind the dash so 'clockwise' is a matter of interpretation, and doesn't need to be pushed, just turned. It seems that some North American (at least) types do have to be pushed up then turned to have the desired effect. It seems that their late-model speedos (79-80?) had a push-button reset on the face.

Air filter cans up to 1969

Air filter cans 1970 to 1976

Air filter cans 1977-on (Miniphernalia)

Heater case, facing forwards, between ports

Heater motor, top

Rocker cover - carb side, black screen-printed plate to 65, sticker as here 66 to 72

Rocker cover - plug side, plate up to 66, sticker 67 to 72 (Moss Europe)

Rocker cover - 18V engines to 1979

Container for replaceable oil filter element

Round washer bottle

SU fuel pump

Bonnet slam-panel, Mk2 on chrome bumper?

1970 on chrome bumper?

Rubber bumper replacing the previous two?

Clausager shows this label on the battery cover of a 1980 roadster. Apparently a UK car, I could expect it on a North American model with factory electronic ignition, less so an RHD model with points. (British Wiring)

V8 radiator

November 2023: Four examples of EU conformity stickers used from when the UK joined the EU in 1973: (V8 Register)

Not exhaustive, found as a result of a query on the MGOC forum from someone who had one showing a part number of BHH2008 and a different set of code numbers and was asking what it meant. Not listed in the Parts Catalogue, and only paper so most were 'lost' years ago.

There are very many more for North American spec, mainly concerned with their emissions and car ID requirements.