Door Pulls

Vee's (75 V8) door pulls. Noticeably more comfortable on long journeys than the standard ones on Bee - to the unknown PO that fitted them - thank you!

Original 75 GT and V8 brochure, the same as Bee:

Door pull nylon nuts GHF1027 or 13H2494. Some sources say used from 67 to 80, some 67 to 76. The Leyland Parts Catalogue only shows them for GTs for some reason, with no limitation on date. There are doors out there with welded nuts on the back of the inner skin (probably following complaints that the screws pull out of the plastic fittings ...) and Clausager mentions an unspecified change to the doors in June 76 immediately after the start of the 77 model year. The hole and the nut are shaped so they should only fit one way - the screw hole is angled upwards going into the door: