Daytime Running Lights

This cheap pair despite nine LEDs each are just not bright enough, although they do give some additional visibility in shady conditions.

Eagle Eyes boxed and mounted neatly outboard of the overrider between the two bumper-to-iron bolts. The curve of the bumper and the irons means the LEDs are angled outwards slightly so the viewing angle increases with distance.

Under the lower edge of the bumper, and back from its 'nose'.

Plastic mounting strip secured under the centre two LEDs goes up between the bumper and the mounting iron, and over the top of the iron. With the bumper refitted this strip is clamped securely so needs no further attachment.

Positive side of the DRLs goes to the fused ignition supply, negative (via the blocking diode) to the right-hand parking light where the standard 2-way bullet is replaced by a 4-way.

In bright sunlight there is plenty of twinkling from the brightwork ...

... dipped headlights add virtually nothing (yes, the headlight are on!)

... and the DRLs don't add that much.

But in lower light levels (no lights) ...

... headlights do add visibility ...

... but nowhere near as much as the DRLs!