Fly the Flag
(... the right way up)

Broad white diagonal band uppermost goes next to the pole.

If you paint it on your bonnet, roof or boot, convention would have the flagpole on the left as you view it. Therefore if you don't display the flagpole the flag should still be shown with the broad diagonal white stripes uppermost on the left. On the roof that means that no matter which side of the car you view it from it will be correct.

But there is an occasion where to show the flag the other way round is correct. That is when it is painted both sides of a vertical stabiliser fin on an aircraft, boat or car. On the left-hand side of the vehicle it would be painted correctly, but on the right-hand side it would be painted the other way round. This stems from when the flag is flown on a ship sailing into the wind. The flag would stream out aft of the flag pole, therefore only when the ship is viewed from the left-hand or port side is the pole on the left. When viewed from the right-hand or starboard side the flag streams to the left of the pole i.e. you are looking at the back of the flag, and this how it should be displayed when painted on said fin, as on Vulcan XH558:

While you are at it, why don't you visit the Union Jack Pub (in Washington DC, seeing as they don't deign to tell us - typical Capital-ists) and over an Old Speckled Hen read the Union Jack newspaper.

Click here for a collection of Old Speckled Hen adverts over the years from The MG Car Club V8 Register.

If you like Old Speckled Hen, then you should love Old Crafty Hen. Even better Tesco have been doing these at four bottles for 6 for ages, which considering it costs about 2.77 per bottle, and the offer applies to many other beers selling for as little as 1.75 per bottle, has to be the bargain of the century.

And in case you're wondering what the connection is between MG and a beer,