I had a picture of Harry framed with some of his medals for our son Matthew, and subsequently added his green identity tag we re-discovered with his house keys:

It was only on getting the picture back to add the tag I realised that his medals include the Efficiency Medal for long service (12 years) on the active list of the Territorial Army. Harry writes that he joined the T.A. but gives no date, only of his mobilisation on 1st September 1939. Perhaps difficult to imagine him remaining in the Army or TA after his return from five years in captivity, gives a joining date of 1933. Harry would have been 17 then, which was the earliest age for joining the TA.

With his tag and keys is a threepenny bit dated 1945, so I'm guessing that was in the first English money he received on his repatriation to the UK. Pronounced 'thruppence' or 'thruppenny bit' it is equivalent to just over 1p in Decimal coinage. Three of them would buy a 1lb (415g) can of baked beans, which would cost 85p today.

Harry's Dunkirk medal, now with our daughter Nicky: