St. Pieters-Leeuw cemetery, Brussels Harry indicates that the first three Yeomanry casualties are buried at St. Pieters-Leeuw with Phil Plevey on the right, the other two as 'Unknown British soldier': (CWG)

Ohain cemetery, Brussels

However following up Russ Heseford the regular soldier Harry describes as having died in the same attack, the CWG records his name as 'Ross Hesford', buried at Ohain near Waterloo, with George Bradley and Bert Tanner who Harry describes as having being killed with Phil Plevey: (CWG)

Bert Tanner is identifiable on the CWG original as being nearest to the camera, probably Ross Hesford next to him, so George Bradley behind and to the left.

But looking at the original report forms George, Bert and Russ/Ross were all killed on 16th May 1940 (17th May in Harry's account) ...

... whereas Phil and the two unknowns are shown as having died the next day i.e. 17th May:

I had always thought it odd that all four weren't buried together. And when looking into that and finding Russ/Ross at Ohain near Waterloo and the action, together with George and Bert, I wondered why Phil was buried some distance away. But looking at the dates it seems likely that Phil was only injured initially, moved back and died next day. If three injured men died at a casualty station one would expect their names to be known and on the gravestones at St. Pieters-Leeuw, so perhaps Phil was caught up in a second attack with two others who could not be identified. They are shown as being members of the same Battery 209/53, although Harry doesn't describe any further attack or losses until Cassel.