As well as Harry and I working for the GPO so did his daughter (my wife, we both worked in Wolverhampton Telephone Exchange at one point), his wife, his Father, possibly his Grandfather, and also his Uncle Harold Vale (Harold was a submariner in WWI and served on the ill-fated K boats. In fact he helped clear some of the dead from K13 after it sank and was recovered whilst on sea trials, and served on it in the Far East after it had been recommissioned as K22. Harold was lucky. After he left the boat it sank again, this time with the loss of all hands). These pictures were amongst Harry's effects.

Rather blurred and I don't know who the gent is but the vehicle is almost certainly a Morris Z (history repeating itself?) type van of the late 40s/early 50s. When I first started work at Lanesfield depot, Wolverhampton, in 1963 they still had one of these, and a couple of now rare rubber-wing Morris Minor vans, as reserve vehicles. I got to drive one in the depot on one occasion - before I was old enough to hold a licence. This type of vehicle was typically used by installation and maintenance crews for visits to customers premises.

Gents and vehicle unknown, but the vehicle was of the type used for construction and maintenance of pole routes.

The chap seated on the left nearest the camera could well be Harry's Father. Harry told me that in those days a gang would collect their hand-cart and a weeks work from the depot on a Monday morning, walk off into the country side erecting a pole route, and not get back home again until the weekend. Harry's Father's ganger (foreman) had a glass eye. When in the pub he would drop his glass eye in his pint with the words "Keep an eye on that for me" before he went out the back to relieve himself. On another occasion he convinced his gang that he had lost his eye at the bottom of a hole where they had just erected a pole and back-filled, then when they had dug it all out again announced "Oh, here it is in my pocket".

When working outside 'on the gangs' I also had one of those shiny oil-skin coats that at least three of the men are wearing. The GPO was not known for rapid change.