Head Restraints

73 Roadster   75 V8

73 Roadster:

The end of the 'coiled swarf' friction device CZA4713 in the frame tube. This is normally retained by a wire tie going through the middle and round this side of the plate:

The spring end-stop that fits inside the restraint tube:

Fitted, with a very sharp piece sticking out of the slot. The restraint can be fitted with this in-situ, withdrawing is another matter:

75 V8:

Quite different friction 'mechanism', a plastic 'rod' with a steel bar through the middle CZH4038 (was CZH2889) from Jan 1975:

Not possible to remove (without destroying it) unless you first remove the head-restraint:

Same spring-clip inside the restraint tube, but in this case with the upper edge having a slight downwards angle it was easy to tap it up inside the seat tube with a hammer and wood drift: