HS Carb Hose Support

Someone was asking where to get these HS carb hose clips and sleeves, not listed in the Leyland Parts Catalogue or on any of the usual suppliers MGB web pages. I eventually found the clips listed on an eBay ad for hoses and stainless clips complete as 12H1001SS. Several of the usual suppliers list those, but not on their MGB pages i.e. 'in context', only for other models such as Midget and Sprite, or under general hardware. Then I found PCR811 yellow passivated versions which are a lot cheaper, and again shown for other models but not MGB. Oddly the BL Catalogue lists quite a few components with a PCR prefix but not that one:

Support clip PCR811. Incidentally some suppliers show the same clip used for the early heater return pipe, the later pipe has them already attached: (Motaclan/Leacy)

Again the sleeves or 'ferrules' only appear against Sprite/Midget and even then only a couple of suppliers (Moss Europe (item 84) and MS&C (item 9)) as HMP215007. My front one tends to slip out as they are a loose fit in the clips. Glue would probably hold it: