Hub Assembly

Representative sketch only, not to scale

A - Half-shaftB - BearingC - Bearing spacerD - Bearing cap
E - Axle casingF - Oil sealG - Back-plateH - oil seal collar
J - HubK - outer collarL - Hub nutM - Splines

Note the orientation of 'C': The chamfered corner must go up against the corner on the half-shaft. If fitted the other way round the half-shaft and hub will be pushed closer to the centre of the car. Probably not enough to cause a problem, but even so.

Axle with bearing cap. The join between the two can be difficult to see as the two halves are rough cast on the outside and the same size and shape:

But should be visible somewhere:

If struggling to part them try tapping the cap round with a hammer and drift above one of the holes, then a soft drift round the back of the cap on the now exposed parts should release it:

Father Ted's half-shaft with a clear gap between spacer and shaft shoulder:

Which should not be there:

Typical MG Banjo:
From Totally T-Type 2