V8 Oil Pump
Pump Drive   Relief Valve   Gasket

Pump Drive

An old box-spanner tommy bar and a piece of old heater hose. The length of the tommy bar isn't critical, as long as the drill chuck is clear of the hole in the engine front cover. The hose is a snug fit over the end of the oil-pump drive shaft and prevents the tommy bar coming out of the drive slot.

End of the tommy-bar shaped with an angle-grinder to fit the slot in the oil-pump drive shaft.

Tommy-bar partially inserted in the hose.

Tommy-bar inserted the minimum depth. You can push it in further than this which puts more hose over the oil-pump drive shaft for greater security.

Relief Valve
Top SD1 V8 spring (part no 602067). Bottom MGB V8 BHH1348:


Measuring how far the gears protrude, however the spec for this is 0.0018 thou whereas this shows a 3 thou feeler gauge inserted:

Two gaskets left over from Vee's engine rebuild in the bottom-end gasket kit. The one on the left (identical to one received from Clive Wheatley) is thin paper and measures 4 thou on my dial caliper, so perfect for the 0.0018 thou projection of the gears specified in the WSM, to give a 2 thou clearance between the gears and the end cover. The other is thicker paper and measures 12 thou (which would give 10 thou clearance). As well as small additional holes top and bottom on the LH gasket the larger slot on the left is also a different shape, being slightly thinner and tapered at the top-left. The gasket on the right is an exact match for my original front cover. The old (i.e. used having been compressed) gasket removed from that is dark red one side and black the other and measures 12 to 14 thou in various places.

What can happen with inadequate clearance: (RPI Engineering)