Axle Rebound Straps

Webbing style from two sources in the UK

With the car on its wheels there should be a gentle curve in the strap, i.e. they are not under tension until raising the body is lifting the wheels clear of the ground:

Spacer tube, showing corrosion before cleaning off

Barely a centimetre of stretch in the original reinforced straps ...

but over 3cm of stretch in the modern 'all rubber'

Clear signs of reinforcing in the original (top), none in the current stock

The different markings on old (top) and new

Reinforcing straps ...

... reducing the extra travel with the rubber straps to about 3mm from over 30mm before

Fully fitted, with cable tie

August 2018: Ben Colomb and new straps from the MGOC. Seem to be two layers of rubber with some woven material glued between them, but split the first time they were asked to take the load of the axle. So 'reinforced', but if these are the same as the Moss reinforced then they are clearly still rubbish. Better off with the Moss webbing-style.

Webbing style:

October 2020: MGOC have the rubber type but for less than 3 one wonders what you are getting. Moss rubber are currently 4 and a while back they told me they had cut one open and it contains reinforcing, and they haven't had any complaints for a while now, so it's up to you whether you give them a go.

Moss webbing-style, currently (October 2020) 19 per pair plus P&P. They are black, the image has been enhanced to show the webbing and stitching.

They have been available for a while but in June 2020 Justalad who contributes to the MGOC forum advertised the following:

I can now produce MGB rear axle check straps in a quality super strong 32mm (1-1/4") polyester webbing, sewn on an industrial sewing machine.
They may be considered as a useful upgrade from the usual replacements.

The nominal (mounting points centre to centre) lengths for standard cars are:- 8" (203mm) for chrome bumper cars.
9" (229mm) for rubber bumper cars.
The steel upper mounting sleeve is re-used.
However, there are now so many variations of springs, dampers, lowering blocks, etc, if your MGB requires a different length just let me know with your order.
Please bear in mind that the straps will stretch 3 or 4 mm when fitted and under tension.
The photographs show the straps off the car and when fitted to my MGB and supporting the axle.

The price is 14.50 per pair, post free, UK only. For the rest of the world please enquire. PayPal payment with length required, address and all enquiries please to the e-mail address on my avatar (