by Herb Adler 5243 3409

Well BB has become a nice shade of green. Not the BRG it is painted in, but the green of jealousy. This is because his older cousin has come to stay with us, and is receiving a lot of attention.
The cousin is a 1958 Wolseley 1500, which I recently purchased, due to an emotional tie with my first car, which was the same basic car, but badged as an Austin Lancer, with different trim.
After much thought and "tasting" we have decided to call it the Wooly.
I have spent some time with Wooly to fix what I consider safety issues, like fitting seat belts, which were kindly donated by a Club Member, replacing the weeping front brake cylinders, with Morris Minor ones. These were only $30 each, whereas proper ones were $83 ea, and there are four of them, but some metal bashing of the backing plates, was needed to fit them. When I picked Wooly up he would die every time I stopped. I was told me that this was something that came and went. Well I couldnít live with this so trouble shoot. I eventually discovered that the cause was loose wires on the battery terminal. Whilst running the dynamo would provide enough power to keep the ignition going, but when stopped and on idle it didnít provide any power and the engine just stopped. The issue was masked by the fact that the wing nut supposedly fixing these wires to the clamp was tight, but there must have been some damage to the threads as it wasnít tightening up on the wires. Replacing the wing nut with a normal hex nut and using a big spanner to tighten it cured this problem. The car has been running sweetly ever since.
Anyway here are some photos of it. Note in the last photo, the classic Wolseley light in the grill.