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When I first got the B-B I found that there was a 6mm gap between the cowl over the indicator switch and the boss of the steering wheel. Most annoying.
Well--- just move the cowl up the column some. No way., the switch won't allow it. OK let's move the switch up as well, still no go as now the cancel screw doesn't engage the release arms.. Sooo --- drill and tap a hole further up the steering column to move the screw up and allow the switch to be moved. Also need to cut a larger slot in the cowl,.....Success. Whilst doing all this I found that the indicator switch is from a later model and has had some wires cut short, has the functions of controlling the high beam, to flash or to turn it on.
I decided to utilise the switch's inherent functions to control high and low beam, rather than the floor mounted foot switch.
First work out what the cut wires did and then repair them. This also needed a new connector for these wires. The switch contacts seemed a bit dicey to carry the power of the lights, so I decided to use relays to reduce the power through these contacts.
Now to work out the wiring changes, crawl under the dash ( groan, moan) and start the rewiring.
Remove the foot switch and mounting bracket and use the bolts and holes to mount the relays.
During all this I found that most of the electrics in the B-B are UNFUSED. This rubbed my electrical / electronics back ground totally the wrong way, so I installed a 4 way fuse box, wherein I fused the whole car via a 30 amp fuse and also created a separate battery fuse / connection ( the B-B has a kill switch in the battery lead and I was thinking ahead for a radio that would need a “keep alive” circuit) and an ignition switched circuit. To do this required that the starter solenoid be inverted 180 degrees to provide extra room for this fuse box.

Text Box:   Relays Text Box:  Fuse box and inverted solenoid

Now the indicator switch has all the functions of indicate left, right, high beam flash and on, as well as the horn.