by Herb Adler 5243 3409


One night I was browsing an MG site when a heading along the lines of 'fitting doors' caught my eye. Ah ha! I thought. Basically it said that in the factory they used a big bar to twist the doors till they lined up. No sooner said than a hard think – my doors, as well as the rest of the car, had been completely finished and I didn't want to risk damaging the paint work. However, the front edge of the doors was correctly aligned with the front mudguard, whilst the rear edge was scewed by 6-7 mm at the bottom. Well---Ihad to do something, so try it. See the following pictures.

The first one shows the misalignment at the bottom, the second is me and the “big bar”, of 25mm angle iron, gently applying pressure to the door with my foot at the bottom,a piece of wood at the top to protect the paint work and an almighty pull. The door gave a “crack” sound, after which the alignment was as in the third picture, very good. (note that the door should be fully open for best results, as otherwise the A pillar seems to give a little, softening the effects of the pull.) Ditto for the other side.