Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse France, July 1993
Stunning entrance to the single large exhibition hall. In one corner and raised up a few steps one gets a panorama of all the cars

Other general views

16-cylinder Royale engines


'Buck' or formers for Royale wings

The Esders Royale, note no headlights, the owner didn't want to drive at night (shades of Joseph Lucas)

Beautiful Type 101, anticipating the Jaguar Mk2? Bugatti-produced bench vice in the foreground.

Another beautiful design, the Type 57

The most beautiful car of all time - the Type 55. Who knows what Jean Bugatti would have gone on to produce?

4-wheel drive Grand Prix car type 251, no Bugatti family involvement by this time, and the dying days of the original company

Bugatti Type 32 'tank'

Half-sized battery-powered racers for children, given their own designation of Type 52

Display of Bugatti 'blowers' or superchargers