Pre-engaged Starter (attached solenoid)
6v Coil (rubber bumper and all V8)

Hover over a wire to confirm the colour

Note 1: Factory V8s have the wire from the starter solenoid to the coil in white/light-blue, the wire from the harness ballast to the coil is still in white/light-green.

Note 2: Late-model cars have round relays with ISO terminal numbering as follows:

Wire colourOriginal numberingISO numbering
White/red from ignition switchW185
Black earthW286
Brown 12v supplyC130
White/brown to starter solenoid, but see note 5C287

Note 3: On 1977 and later models with an ignition relay the wire from the relay to the solenoid may have reverted to white/red, i.e. the same as from the ignition switch to the relay albeit thicker, as white with a brown tracer was used for the ignition circuits. On the other hand it may have become brown with a white tracer, diagrams vary.

Note 4: Also on 77 and later models the starter is used to test-illuminate the brake-balance and 'handbrake on', and seat belt warning lights. The brake test illumination is via a diode and if this diode goes short-circuit it can cause the starter to crank continuously as soon as the ignition is turned on, and continues to do so even when the ignition is turned off, unless the handbrake is released.

Note 5: The Leyland schematic for UK model in 1979 shows this wire as white/red, as is the wire from the ignition switch to the starter relay. That may be an error, but if not it will be a heavy gauge wire whereas the others at the relay are standard gauge so the three wires can still be identified even if the spade terminals have been cut off for any reason.