GT Sunroof

The Navigator would never countenance a full-length Webasto, she is concerned enough with someone slashing the roadster hood. I've had tilt and remove in the past, had one fitted to a previous car and really liked how much lighter and airier the interior is. Vee came to us with this:


From the inside - 'A' is the two push-buttons that release the main handle from the frame to enable removal, and 'B' are the two over-centre catches that retain the front. 'C' is the wind deflector that eliminates 'boom' at speed:

Removed - which can be done in seconds from the driving seat:

Frame removed prior to paint back in 2016:

The top of the original seal, with a very thin section flattened now but which almost certainly stuck up originally:

The original seal is narrower at the bottom than the top, tapered on the outer edge, as is the channel in the frame. About 16mm wide at the bottom, 22mm at the top:

The new seal, slightly narrower overall at 20mm nominal (about 19mm measured), I've cut away one corner so it lies flat in the bottom of the tapered channel: