Tonneau Cover

Both press-stud and outer lift-the-dot post (68 MGC, Clausager)

North American padded dash, centre post - by the right-hand bolt, right-hand press-stud (71, Clausager)

77-on (plastic dash) LHD as above (77, Clausager)

Centre post out by the left-hand bolt, right-hand post over the fuel gauge (64, Clausager)

Centre post closer to the centre bar, right-hand post over the overdrive switch (68, Clausager). Also note how the centre post seems to have moved towards the front of the car on this 68 - about mid-way between the beading on the crash rail and the bracket - compared to the 64 above - which seems noticeably closer to the beading.

I had to swing the centre stud out to the left on my 73 before either the 'original' or the replacement tonneau covers would fit it.

Also it seems to have moved back to be 1.25" from the beading again. It has been said that from 1974 or so it was 2" closer to the bracket compared the 64, which would put it about an inch from the bracket.

My 73 with the right-hand post over the overdrive switch ...

... and the centre post past the left-hand bolt, original cover with the zip dead in-line with the centre bar.

Replacement cover, zip only very slightly to the left of the centre bar

Replacement cover showing the original press-stud, and the added tab with the lift-the-dot socket.

Cover with short zip, two heel board fastenings each side, and what looks like one dart. Press stud just aft of the hood tongue socket, with what looks like a second press-stud inboard of that, alongside the zip. Plus a further press-stud inboard of the first post, by the dart. (Clausager)

No zip, two heel-board fastenings each side, one dart, and the hole for the quick-release seat belt fastener. Press stud just aft of the hood tongue socket, plus another inboard of the first post by the dart. (71, Clausager)

My original cover, short zip (over the hood tongue socket), two darts. One press-stud just aft of the hood tongue socket. This originally had two heel-board fasteners each side, but I removed one each side for the front of the replacement cover.

My replacement cover, long zip (just in front of the first post), no darts, just a short cut-out. One press-stud just aft of the hood tongue socket. One heel-board fastening each side.

I added a tab to the replacement cover to prevent the zip chafing the raised seam at the top of the wing

Lift-the-dot post behind the hood tongue socket (64, Clausager)

Nothing behind the hood tongue socket (69, Clausager)

Press-stud behind the hood tongue socket, as on my 73 (71, Clausager)

None of Clausagers images show the hood tongue socket being used for the full-length tonneau, but he and various others show it is used for the hood cover, such as : SC Parts Group Ltd:

And Prestige Trim:

Heel-board lift-the-dot post spacing

Tonneau sticks and bag

As recommended in the drivers handbook for use with a hood cover ...

... gives a very neat finish.

The tonneau bars slot into socket AHH8391.

The sockets can be installed with either of the folding frames.

Cockpit cover without tonneau sticks, the middle of the zip is the lowest point (indicated by the ball) so rain drips through

But with the sticks in the alternative position in front of the seats ...

... the zip is raised and rain will either run off at the sides (taut cover) or at worst pool in an impervious part on a slacker cover (as indicated by the ball) and can be swept off