Track-rod Ends and Tracking Alignment

Bee's old and new track-rod ends of different lengths.

Badly worn unit.

Vee's track-rod ends: Angle-ground along the body of the track-rod to just expose the threads. A bit of a 'do or die' treatment, you wouldn't want to drive it having done this. If this hadn't worked I would have had to remove the rack with track-rod end attached and take it somewhere to get some heat on it.

Ring-spanner on the end of the Stilsons to give more leverage

Double lock-nuts which I can lock together to make turning the track-rod easier, although judging by the other side I'll not have a problem with it again. If doing this make sure you fully tighten the first lock-nut against the end of the track-rod end, then just lightly nip the second nut up to that. If you just lock the two nuts together the track-rod end could be loose on the track-rod (although highly unlikely to come unscrewed from it).

Toe in, dimension A being at the front of the car and less than dimension B.

The reference measurement taken from behind the wheel

Rolling the car forward half a wheel turn.

The comparison measurement taken in front of the wheel at the same marks as before.

Tracking gauge