USB Sockets

Cover swivels round to reveal the sockets. Glows blue round the edge when powered and white from the sockets aiding location. All you have to do is get the USB plug the right way up ... or round ...:

Bee's mounted vertically but still intrudes into the space needed to access the rubber plug in the tunnel for the gearbox dip-stick. Just one screw though so no big deal - the rubber plug will take longer to remove and refit! There was a reason I didn't use the upper screw, it's a bit more awkward to get at and I think it was immediately before a weekend away so I wanted to fit it as quickly as possible. Access easy from the driving seat:

Subsequently I moved Bee's to the top screw to give more room for accessing the tunnel plug for the gearbox dipstick. I had no problems making an earth connection initially but found it not working after a 320-miler, so as well as moving the socket I moved the earth to the screw for the screen vent hose clip. Still visible and easily accessed from the driving seat:

Initially I mounted Vee's on the lower screw but it had to be horizontal because of the alarm controller. After moving Bee's to the top screw I moved Vee's as well and put it vertically as that gives more support when pushing the USB plug in. Used the same screen vent clip screw for the earth.