An MG Belle (and you thought they all had horns)
and a Millennium Babe

Update October 2000 - Daughter has her first baby and our first grandchild.

St Alphege Church, Solihull The Alveston Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon

The car is a 1932 VA Tourer owned for many years and beautifully restored by John Bates. Years ago I had decided I wanted one of the large four-seater MGs for daughter's wedding, and when we started planning it I put out a call to the MG community on the web asking if anyone knew of such a car that might be available for wedding hire in the UK. I received a reply from Terry Saunders from the West Coast of America giving me the telephone number of David Washbourne, the keeper of the SVW Register. David gave me the number of John Bates, who lives about 3 miles from me! Charlie Plain-Jones also replied offering his help, and he lives here in Solihull.

On the day (Saturday 10th October 1998), its silver-grey paintwork, red upholstery, twinkling chrome and top down, we made a fine sight as we pulled up outside the church, just as the sun came out. What came as a complete surprise during the service was when Father Brian opened his address to the congregation by saying that the happy couple were going to be starting their new life together in the right way by leaving the church in an MG. He then related how he had driven himself to his own wedding in a TA many years ago, subsequently owned a number of T series cars, and had helped his son restore three MGBs!

December 2014:

The MGOC publishes a 6-page spread on the VA and I say to myself "... I recognise that car ..." and it is John Bates' looking as resplendent as ever. I write in recounting the above with a photo, and it is published in February 2015.

Jessica Megan - born 22nd October 2000 16:35pm

Jessica Megan, 2 hours old. Granny (and granddad) captivated already.

January 28th 2001 - Jessica Megan gets her first ride in an MG

Jessica usually falls asleep in her Mum and Dads car but not in Vee. Granny reckons it is because Vee is noisy and bumpy. I say it was because Jessica appreciated the, significance of the occasion and was so excited she couldn't sleep.

March 11th - Jessica's Christening

Jessica was Christened on 11th March 2001, in the same church her Mum was christened 25 years ago almost to the day, and in the same gown. The gown was made in 1885 for my Grandfather making it 115 years old and Jessica is the first of the fifth generation to wear it. At least 17 family members have been Christened in the gown in that time, including everyone from Jessica back to her Great-Great-Grandfather.

Christmas 2001 - Start 'em young

Starting as I hope she means to go on, Jessica loves to play with a couple of model cars of mine - an RV8 and an EB110.

Jessica's brother Byron, born in 2004, is a real boy - he has to be prised out of the V8.