Wheel Nuts

Rostyle at the top, V8 (alloy wheels) below:

A simplified drawing (not to scale) of how the taper on the Rostyle nut locates in a taper in the wheel to centralise the wheel holes over the studs:

V8 nut in alloy wheel, showing how the cylindrical nut in the cylindrical wheel hole leaves a clearance which allows for a range of lateral positioning:

Whereas lightly fitting a pair of Rostyle nuts on opposite studs centralises the wheel on the studs, then a pair of V8 nuts are fitted to the other two studs to hold the wheel. The Rostyles are removed, the second pair of V8 nuts fitted, and all four tightened:

Showing a strip of mild steel wrapped round the Rostyle nut and tack-welded to make it the same size as the V8 nut: