Main Wiring Harness

Main, rear and gearbox harness interconnections

Showing the main harness coming across the firewall behind the wiper motor, before looping back down and through a clip mounted below the motor for RHD. Basically the same harness was used for LHD but going across the firewall to the other side: (Richard Coombs)

Note that the wiper rack goes through the wheelboxes under the spindles, not above.

However mine seems to pass through the clip twice - once on its way towards the left, then again after it is looped round and comes back to the right:

Whilst I had the dash off when I repainted the car I'm pretty sure I didn't disturb the routing of the main harness:

There is just too much additional wiring behind the dash of the V8 to get anything remotely useful, this 1980 I rewired is a bit clearer with the dash out, and by this time RHD and LHD were so different they had unique harnesses so no loop with the RHD. The connectors for the column controls are by the wiper motor, and the main harness goes across over the steering column bracket not through the hole:

Ending just past the centre console with the dash sub-harness connectors. The loose door switch wires run along the square-section bracing bar to a 4-way bullet connector, they are not part of the harness:

A spur comes down off the main harness behind the console for the console controls:

1977 and on dashboard sub-harness to the switches:

And to the instruments:

With the dash in-situ but fresh-air vents out the three connectors can be seen and accessed, and maybe from below with the UK dash:

Engine compartment, relays in-situ, fusebox goes between them and the brake master:

Main, rear and gearbox harness interconnection: In these images from Clausager this 1965 looks like it has a long tail on the main harness with connections close to the steering column UJ:

But in this 1969 the connections are only just below the main harness:

Where they stayed through 1973 and this 1975:

Until for 1977 with the longer brake master and servo assembly again there is a long tail with connections close to the steering column UJ:

The V8 also had them by the main harness: