Ignition - Ignition Relay, UK (1977)

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Note: This is one of three multi-way plugs behind the dash.

Added January 2010: 1977 models, with all switched ignition circuits powered by the ignition relay. Not shown in Advance Autowire on-line version or Haynes, their 'late UK market' diagram is for 1978 and later. It's not known exactly when that version came out but Geoff Turner's Oct/Nov 77 built 78 model has it so possibly part of the wiring changes for dual-circuit brakes on RHD cars in May 77 at chassis number 436465 (GT) and 437181 (roadster).

Wire colourOriginal numberingISO numbering
White from ignition switchW185
Black earthW286
Brown 12v supplyC230
White/brown to ignition powered circuitsC187

Information on the ballast resistance can be found here.