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... allowing you to print them out and take them into the garage. Produced using PDFCreator.

Main text sections are printed two sheets to a page, appendices one sheet to a page for clarity of drawings, schematics, etc. These are PDFs produced direct from the web pages, which are optimised for online use of course, hence there are unclickable links in the PDFs. When printing your computer should allow you to specify which page or pages you want to output if you don't want the whole lot. This is particularly applicable to advance curves and schematics, but will apply to anything if you are just doing a particular job. Separate downloads for each main section (and Advance Curves separated from the remainder of Ignition) have been created to reduce file size and download time. Appendices are separate to main text as it was found that combining them doubled the appendix size even though the main text is very much smaller, rather than simply adding the two together.

First suggested by Fabio Lupano and I'm grateful to him for his suggestions and comments on structure and layout etc. Fabio recently bought a 1965 MGB in very good condition in Scotland and drove it back to Italy - quite a journey in any event, let alone in an unknown quantity!

All PDFs either new or updated April 2016. Unfortunately since I altered the thumbnails on the main pages in order to reduce resources they no longer appear in the PDFs. However the full-sized are displayed in the appendices, and the trade-off is that the main pages take up much less space than before.

Contents - 70KB

Buying and running an MGB - 134KB
Buying and running an MGB appendices - 7MB

Body main text - 600KB
Body appendices -11.5MB
Paint Colours - 290KB

Brake main text - 270KB
Brake appendices - 3.2MB

Clutch main text - 200KB
Clutch appendices - 2.3MB

Cooling System main text - 300KB
Cooling System appendices - 2.8MB

Electrics System main text - 1.3MB
Electrics System appendices 1 - 5.3MB
Electrics System appendices 2 - 10.1MB
Indicators diagnosis schematic and chart - 196KB
Basic Electrics Part 1 - 200KB
Basic Electrics Part 2 - 340KMB

Engine main text - 600KB
Engine appendices - 7.1MB

Fuel System main text - 500KB
Fuel System appendices - 5.8MB

SU Needles main text - 21KB
SU Needles lists - 46KB

Gearbox main text - 200KB
Gearbox appendices - 3.8MB

Heater main text - 150KB
Heater appendices - 3.3MB

Ignition main text - 480KB
Ignition appendices - 6.4MB

Advance Curves main text - 500KB
Advance Curves charts - 440KB

Propshaft main text - 43KB
Propshaft appendices - 389KB

Rear Axle main text - 119KB
Rear Axle appendices - 960KB

Steering and Suspension main text - 500KB
Steering and Suspension appendices - 4.6MB

Wheels and Tyres main text - 190KB
Wheels and Tyres appendices - 1MB

Miscellaneous main text - 360KB
Miscellaneous appendices - 960KB